Mar 17

Manny Manuel Performs this Saturday at SeaWorld Orlando's Viva La Musica

by Staff

Come out Saturday and enjoy the wonderful weather along with great, authentic food and, of course, the concert featuring Manny Manuel -- all during Viva La Musica at SeaWorld Orlando.

There are two special packages available if you'd like to have reserved seating for the concerts. One includes reserved seats right in front of the stage and the other includes the same reserved seating plus a meal voucher redeemable at any SeaWorld Orlando restaurant and any of the event food tents along the Viva La Musica pathway. Prices start at $15.

Remaining concerts start at 3 p.m.
March 19 – Manny Manuel
March 26 – Jerry Rivera
April 2 – Ednita Nazario

And don't forget to take in some animal shows and experience Manta so you can feel what it's like to fly like a ray.

Those that don't ride thrilling coasters can still get immersed in the underwater world of the ray when they visit the Manta aquarium that's filled with hundreds of rays, exotic sea life, coral and the pop-up aquarium where you can take photos while being surrounded by colorful fish! While it's really for kids, adults love it too so go ahead, don't be shy!

SeaWorld Orlando is the place to be this Saturday for Viva La Musica and all of the wonderful rides, shows and attractions it offers!