Dec 13

Look out for Jaws!

Jaws has been spotted in the ocean near San Diego! No need to swim to safety…I’m talking about a 7-month-old female harbor seal that SeaWorld San Diego’s animal care team just returned to the wild. We rescued her in July and she was severely dehydrated, malnourished and in very poor condition. We discovered she had a complete fracture of her lower jaw (probably from a tussle with another harbor seal) which was why she was unable to eat.

Without some significant medical intervention, she would have died. After her condition was stable enough, surgery was performed by a wonderful vet surgery specialist, Dr. Sean Aiken, from Veterinary Specialty Hospital in San Diego who screwed a titanium plate onto her jaw bone to stabilize the fracture. To our delight, the seal -- who the staff nicknamed “Jaws” -- recovered well and we have proudly given her a second chance at life. Check out some video below of her return where Dr. Aiken and his family got to return and help send her off….