Feb 01

Let's Help Our Arctic Friends Together!

Polar bears live in the Arctic because it is cold. I like to go snow sledding in the snow but also like it when it’s warm outside.

Polar bears cannot live where it’s warm and sadly the climate is changing in the Arctic. Climate is how the weather is in an environment. If the climate gets too hot the polar bears won’t be able to live in the Arctic. Other animals live there too like narwhals; those are the ones that look like unicorns. Walruses, seals and foxes like the cold climate in the Arctic too.

The climate isn’t just what the weather decides. Some scientists think we can do things to change the climate too. Gases from things we do every day are maybe some of the reasons the climate is changing in the Arctic. We should make sure not too much of that gas gets in the air so we can help keep the arctic animals safe.

Here are some things we can do to help our arctic friends:

1) Don’t drive cars so much. Walk, ride a bike or share a car with friends.

2) Buy things made by where you live. That way no one has to send them to your house with an airplane, boat or delivery truck.

3) Only use water when you have to. Turn off the faucet when you brush your teeth and don’t turn on the shower before you get in.

4) Save energy at home. Turn off lights when you don’t need them and get special light bulbs that use less energy.

5) Tell your friends to help the arctic animals too.

I didn’t know about all these things until I learned about arctic animals at SeaWorld. Let’s work together to protect our friends in the Arctic!