Jan 21

Learning About Penguins at SeaWorld

Every time I go to SeaWorld San Diego I visit the penguins at the Penguin Encounter. It’s fun to watch the penguins waddle, swim and play.

The last time I was at SeaWorld I met a macaroni penguin and had a lot of fun getting to know her. She was very friendly and interested in me because we had never met before. She couldn’t stay out with me for too long because she lives in a cold environment. The penguin I met was about five years old and very close to my age. Maybe that’s why we she liked me so much.

We went upstairs to see where different types of penguins live together. It was very bright and cold because SeaWorld wants to keep them comfortable in their normal conditions. The light and temperature is the same as the South Pole. Sometimes it’s very bright there and other times it is dark. It is always very cold. Each morning SeaWorld uses a big hose to spray water and make new ice for the penguins.

I learned a penguin can get too warm at just 30 degrees. To me that feels very, very cold. To visit the penguins I had to wear a big winter jacket and gloves.

SeaWorld helps hatch baby penguins by keeping the eggs safe and warm. The penguin chicks are so cute and fluffy. Penguins have feathers but when they are babies it looks like they have fur. The feathers are waterproof to help them stay dry and not freeze in the cold water.

SeaWorld is learning about penguins to help keep them safe. Penguins are very cute and I had so much fun learning about them at the Penguin Encounter.

We can all help keep penguins safe by not polluting our waters and recycling our trash.