Apr 22

Keeping the Oceans Clean

Earth Day is a special day to help clean up our environment to keep the ocean safe. Trash can really hurt sea animals and needs to be thrown away or recycled so it doesn’t end up in the ocean. We don’t want the sea animals to accidentally eat or get tangled in people’s trash.

Every day, SeaWorld helps teach people about keeping our ocean clean. The Washed Ashore sculptures at SeaWorld San Diego are made from trash collected at the beach and in the ocean. That’s a lot of trash that could really hurt animals!

Going to SeaWorld, I’ve learned how important it is to keep all animals safe. Some marine animals are big but all animals, including lizards and other reptiles, are also important. All animals should be treated with respect.

People need to keep animals safe and that starts with clean oceans.

This Earth Day, I’ll be teaching my friends about keeping trash out of the ocean!

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