Mar 29

Keep It Moving…Flamingos on the March!

by Staff

It’s amazing what you can do with a good plan and a good team. Recently, bird keepers at SeaWorld San Diego led a flock of flamingos from their public display at the park to a behind-the-scenes aviary to make way for construction for our 2012 attraction, Manta. Trick is, this was a flock of 166 birds and our keepers had never executed a move quite like this before.

Flamingos walking at SeaWorld San Diego theme park

They came up with system of steering them down the pathways in a safe and efficient way by using a “wall” made of two 50-foot pieces of poly-plastic material, tied together into the shape of a rectangle with broom handles.

SeaWorld employees guide a flock of flamingos through the adventure park

About 60 team members from the park used this “wall” as a barrier to keep the flamingos all together and guide them along. The entire move took about 20 minutes and went off without a hitch.

a flock of flamingos walks through SeaWorld San Diego

Take a look at this amazing video. For you flamingo fans out there, please know that the birds will go back on display in the park when Manta is complete (great thing is, we already know how we’re going to do that!).