Aug 20

Join Julie: Toys for Dolphins and Whales

We have VERY exciting news for you – we’ve launched a new monthly webisode series with SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Animal Ambassador Julie Scardina! “Join Julie” takes you into the fun and unique world of working with animals here at SeaWorld San Diego. From animal training to conservation, Julie has a lot to share with you!

This month’s episode features toys for dolphins and whales. Yes, you read that right; dolphins and whales play with toys, too! These include kelp, buoys, balls and many more. The dolphins and whales love playing with them, but more than that, the toys (technically called Environmental Enrichment Devices) stimulate activity – both mental and physical.

Training sessions, shows and interacting with trainers for husbandry, exercise and research have been shown to be very enriching, but these toys, along with visuals like watching videos and interacting with others in the habitat can be provided throughout the day, even when trainers aren’t around.

“Join Julie” – watch the video below to learn more!