Mar 12

I Watch "Sea Rescue," Do You?

So many animals in the ocean end up hurt and need help. The SeaWorld Rescue team gets called to help marine animals. They can help all different kinds of animals like sea lions, turtles, manatees, dolphins and more.

When I go to SeaWorld San Diego I learn about how the animals are getting a second chance at life. Sea lions are my favorite animals and this year the SeaWorld Rescue team is helping to save a lot of them. Sometimes they get tangled in fishing line or eat hooks and I even met a sea lion that needed help because he ate rocks.

I don’t watch a lot of TV, but when I do I always ask to watch “Sea Rescue.” It’s a show I watch online with my mommy and daddy to see how the SeaWorld Rescue team is saving animals. Sometimes I get to see friends I know from SeaWorld San Diego on the show. It’s really neat getting to see when the animals are healthy enough to go home.

The SeaWorld Rescue team really likes getting to help animals and teaching people how to keep them safe in the wild.

Last year I met a baby otter and learned about how much care it needed without his otter mommy. I went back to visit Pumpkin the otter and saw how much she had grown. Without SeaWorld she might not have survived.

When I grow up I hope I get to help rescue animals too. For occupation day at school, I wore my “Sea Rescue” shirt and told everyone about how SeaWorld rescues hurt and sick animals in the wild.

I watch “Sea Rescue,” do you?

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