Oct 01

I Love Killer Whales

I really like learning about killer whales when I go to SeaWorld. Killer whales are also called Orcinus orca. I’ve always loved watching them from the underwater viewing window. The first time I met them I was just a baby.

When I was at SeaWorld earlier this year I met Kasatka and her trainer Kristi.

Kasatka was really happy to see me. She stuck out her tongue and made funny noises for me. Kristi told me she knows the whales so well she can tell how they are feeling before the doctors know. She loves spending all day with the whales and said they are like family. The whales are very big and powerful. We learned they have a special pool where the bottom can come to the top to help people be safe. I had so much fun meeting Kasatka and learning about her.

All killer whales are black and white. It helps them have camouflage when they hunt for prey. In the wild, they eat marine animals like seals, sea lions and other things that taste meaty, like fish. At SeaWorld, they eat really good fish, including salmon. They like to teach us how smart they are and show people what they know. The whales can splash people and communicate with us.

We had even more fun with the killer whales at Dine With Shamu. We ate yummy food and watched the whales play with the trainers. One of the silly whales splashed all my food with water but I just laughed. I wish I could eat lunch with killer whales every day.

The things we learn at SeaWorld helps us protect places they live. I can’t wait to go back to SeaWorld and see my favorite whales again soon!

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