Nov 26

Helping Animals at SeaWorld’s Oiled Wildlife Care Center

The Oiled Wildlife Care Center at SeaWorld San Diego is where animals go for help when they have been hurt by oil. Sometimes the oil is natural from the bottom of the ocean. Other times the oil comes from places like spills from people. I went to visit the Care Center to see how SeaWorld takes care of the birds and other animals.

When I walked in it felt really hot. It had to be because the birds can’t make themselves warm. I helped feed meal worms to some really cute birds swimming in a pool. They are working on getting stronger and really like the worms.

Sometimes the birds that are rescued have metal inside them. SeaWorld has to figure out if they have any hooks or other metal in their bodies. They use a metal detector just like the airport does to see if the birds need anything removed. Kim, one of the bird keepers, used it on me and said I did not have any metal on my body other than my necklace.

After the birds are cleaned they need lots of care to feel better. Some animals stay outside when they are strong. Some have to sleep inside. The bottoms of their beds have soft nets so they don’t lie on a hard ground and can heal better.

Some birds have to stay in the water because that’s where they spend most of their time when they aren’t sick. SeaWorld does a really good job helping the birds stay in the water. They even put a fan on the water to make wind.

I saw so many different places where the animals get to be to feel better. I fed more birds meal worms and had fun getting to meet them.

Kim cares a lot about the animals and helps them get better to go home.

I wonder if some of the birds I’ve seen at the ocean were ever sick and had to go to the Oiled Wildlife Care Center.

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