Oct 21

Help Name SeaWorld San Diego's Baby Beluga

by Staff

Update October 27, 2010.

The name Pearl was chosen by guests during the online naming contest.

Pearl the baby beluga calf at SeaWorld San Diego


SeaWorld San Diego’s baby beluga needs a name!!

Beluga Calf at SeaWorld San Diego

The beluga whale calf, which is wowing visitors at park’s Wild Arctic attraction, is nearly four months old and ready to have a name. “Baby Beluga” sounds nice, but you can only use that for so long. The park has partnered with its local newspaper, the San Diego Union-Tribune and SignOnSanDiego.com, to give the public the chance to help name her. The 3 choices are:

  • Pearl – the calf’s mother's name is Ruby and “pearl” is the birthstone for the month she was born.
  • Aurora - taken from aurora borealis, or northern lights, which occur near the Arctic.
  • Sakari – which means "sweet" in Inuit.

Visit here to cast your vote. The naming contest will be open until Monday, Oct. 25. We can’t think of a better voting opportunity during this year’s election season than helping us name this amazing animal. Thanks for your vote!