Sep 19

Happy Third Birthday, Coco!

Earlier this month, Coco celebrated her third birthday with a special treat: Cupcakes made from a blend of clam, urchins and mussels!

This event marks a very special milestone for this rescued sea otter pup who was found alone and quickly brought to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for assessment. Upon examination, veterinarians determined that this fragile pup was only a day or two old, and immune-compromised. Needing long-term care and a permanent home, Coco was transferred to SeaWorld San Diego.

Today, Coco is thriving with three other female California sea otters and participates in daily public education and husbandry training programs. Since her arrival, Coco has shown an affinity towards many types of enrichment, including toys and rolling around in her ice cold otter bathtub. Coco often practices the art of breaking open shellfish, which she demonstrates on many objects, especially while banging her plastic toy tubes against the window in an effort to retrieve the treats hidden on the inside.

Come by Otter Outlook to watch Coco and the other otters with their toys and treats during special presentations for Sea Otter Awareness Week, which kicks off this Sunday, Sept. 21!

We’re proud to participate in this annual celebration, now in its 12th year. Sea Otter Awareness Week runs through Saturday, Sept. 27. Activities in the park include daily sea otter presentations, which will take place at Otter Outlook. Other festivities will include craft projects for kids and visits from animal ambassadors and O.P. Otter, the costume character!

Plus, did you know that SeaWorld and Busch Gardens® support conservation projects all over the world? This includes sea otter preservation. For more information, visit the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund’s website at