May 06

Happy Mother's Day Weekend from a Whale of a Duo!

by Staff

SeaWorld Orlando's most recent mom-calf pair, Katina and Makaio, would like to wish all moms a Happy Mother's Day!

Katina and Makaio Swimming

Last October, Katina gave birth to her seventh calf, Makaio. SeaWorld team members and fans alike instantly fell in love with this mother-calf pair. The two instantly started bonding, and SeaWorld’s veterinarians and trainers knew that Makaio would be in good care with a great mom like Katina.

Makaio is growing by the minute, thanks to his mom. Since birth, Katina has been providing Makaio with rich, nutritious milk that has contributed to him growing one-half of his original size. As Makaio gets older, he’s also becoming more independent and spending time with trainers and other young whales in the pod.

Makaio and Katina Jumping Together

“Makaio is growing both physically and behaviorally, and each day we see evidence of this in his physical capabilities leaping alongside other whales during shows, trying out new behaviors, and seeking out increased interaction with trainers,” says SeaWorld Orlando’s Curator of Animal Training, Kelly Flaherty Clark.

So surprise your mom this Mother's Day by taking her to see Katina and Makaio splash around at SeaWorld Orlando’s all-new One Ocean show.