Oct 05

Guess Who I Got to See Up Close – Killer Whales!

Sea lions are my favorite marine animals but my next favorite are whales. SeaWorld has taught me a lot about killer whales. Sometimes I get to talk to the trainers and hear all about how they take care of the whales. They spend a lot of time observing them and learn lots every day.

I go whale watching with my family on boats but have never seen a killer whale in the ocean. Scientists learn about the killer whales at SeaWorld to help them in the wild.

The new Killer Whales: Up Close show teaches everyone all about killer whales. They live with family called their pod and can swim really fast. They all work together when they are hunting.

There are lots of different places to observe the whales when you go to SeaWorld. I like to go above the pool so you can see them swimming together.

Dine With Shamu is a great place for lunch because I get to spend more time with the whales. Last time I went there I met trainer Andre right after the Killer Whales: Up Close show. He really loves working with killer whales! He has worked at SeaWorld for a long time and his favorite thing to do is spend time with whales. He thanked me for caring so much about the ocean.

Killer whales are beautiful and smart. It’s really important we learn about them so we can make sure they stay safe.

I think I have seen all the killer whales at SeaWorld. They are all great and are teaching everyone about killer whales.