Nov 21

Get Crafty with Recycled Materials this Thanksgiving Week!

Recycling is important because we need to keep the oceans clean. If trash gets in the water animals aren’t able to live there and be healthy.

You can make a lot of things out of the garbage you would just be throwing away. November 15 was America Recycles Day and I’m celebrating by showing you how to make holiday ornaments from recycled cardboard!

To make recycled holiday ornaments, you’ll need paint, animal-shaped cookie cutters, pipe cleaners, a hole punch, scissors and cardboard. You can use anything for the cardboard, like empty cereal boxes.

Trace your animal cookie cutters on the cardboard.

Then, cut them out with your scissors.

Punch a hole at the top of the animal shapes. Then, paint them to look like real animals or use the paint however you want to decorate the ornaments. When the paint is dry, stick the pipe cleaner through the hole.

I hung my recycled ornaments on a wreath and am going to make more to give to friends.

Recycling helps keep animals safe and protects the oceans. Instead of throwing stuff away, use it to make pretty ornaments!