Sep 03

Get a Bird's-Eye View of Discovery Cove with Stacie, Senior Aviculturist and Animal Trainer

Hi, I’m Stacie, Senior Aviculturist and Animal Trainer at Discovery Cove. For almost six years I have been working as an aviculturist, or bird specialist. Over the years I have also been cross-trained to help with the dolphins, as well as care for the marmosets and otters at the Freshwater Oasis.

I knew I wanted to work with animals from a very young age. I still remember getting ready to head off to college to study marine biology and often being asked what I was going to do with THAT major, usually accompanied by a skeptical look. As it turns out, I ended up doing a lot with my degree!

Since graduation, I have held a number of animal care and research positions. I worked to rescue marine mammals and sea turtles in New York, as a naturalist for whale watching and snorkeling boats in Hawaii and as an environmental consultant.

I love working with animals and especially enjoy training new behaviors in three specific ways – training sessions, which give the opportunity for mental stimulation; husbandry behaviors, which allow animals to actively participate in their husbandry and care; and enrichment training, which allows the animal to interact with their environment and give them the power to control it.

The people who had previously questioned what I’d do with my degree are now the ones constantly telling me how lucky I am to have such an incredible job, and I can’t help but agree! Each day at Discovery Cove is different from the next, and I hope to be able to share the fun and exciting things that we do on a daily basis with you here on our blog.