Mar 15

Fun at SeaWorld Wild Days

Wild Days at SeaWorld San Diego is really fun! I went for “Sea Rescue” weekend and was really excited to be there. I did so many things! I also got to meet animals and learn about ambassadors.

Pets Rule! is a show where animals that make good pets show you how smart they are. You get to watch and then get to meet the animals after. At Wild Days they had a show to learn about a dog named Joey.

I met Joey and he is almost 7 years old. He was rescued from a shelter and brought to live at SeaWorld. Some animals can be born at SeaWorld with the other pets that were rescued. Sometimes pets that were rescued have babies and they take their babies with them to SeaWorld too. Joey is really smart and is trained very well. He looks very happy when he sees all the people there to see him.

Wild Days has fun games like the disc drop. If you win 15 points you get a dolphin plush. But if you win 5 five points you get a cheetah or turtle plush. I won a really cute cheetah.

At Wild Days you get to meet all these animal ambassadors. I met a toad. The toad looked really grumpy but he wasn’t because he was there to teach people about frogs and toads. I thought a toad would have hopped away but he didn’t.

I sat in the front row at the show about “Sea Rescue.” I watch that show at home so it was really cool to hear the people on the show talk about what happens when they go to rescue animals. The front row is the best seat because you get to see all the animals, like Bolt the Guadalupe fur seal, up close.

I met one of the Wild Days producers in the morning. He is very excited about Wild Days and makes sure everything goes really good. It was great when I was there.

Wild Days has different animals and people talking every weekend so I really want to go back again!

You can still experience SeaWorld Wild Days, weekends in March! Join world-renowned animal expert Jack Hanna —also referred to as Jungle Jack—to meet some astounding animals and hear about their compelling stories March 19-20; and Rachel Reenstra, host of the Emmy-nominated television show, “Wildlife Docs,” will introduce guests to some of SeaWorld’s most-loved animal ambassadors and recount stories of animals that doctors at Busch Gardens have helped through the park’s life-saving and life-enriching programs, March 26-27!