Sep 16

Foodie Friday: Italian Club Sandwich

Football season is in full swing and nothing goes better with a Sunday afternoon game than an Italian Club sandwich. It’s quick, simple and can be made during commercial breaks.


  • 2 slices of Cuban loaf bread
  • 6 oz slice ham
  • 6 oz slice turkey
  • 6 oz slice salami
  • 4 oz slice provolone cheese
  • 6 oz green leaf
  • 1 each tomato
  • 4 oz slice red onion


  • Add mustard on two slices of Cuban loaf bread
  • Evenly distribute all ingredients on the two slices of bread
  • Cut evenly down the center and enjoy!!!

When you are at Discovery Cove swing by the Laguna Grill to ejoy this Italian club sandwich after a relaxing day snorkling in The Grand Reef.