Aug 20

Exploring the Wild Arctic

I had so much fun on the Wild Arctic Up-Close Tour the last time I was at SeaWorld San Diego. You can see the animals through windows on the other side of the exhibit but on the tour you get to go see the animals from inside. It’s awesome because you get to see how the SeaWorld trainers take care of the animals. You get to learn about beluga whales, polar bears and walruses. Our tour guide let me stand at the front with her and knew a lot about animals.

First we walked through Animal Connections and got to see a lot of interesting animals. My favorite was the water monitor. Our guide told us the monitor gets to come out for walks on a leash. I asked if the monitor was okay on the leash and our guide said he was because he had lots of practice. My pet dog goes on walks on a leash with me but I’ve never walked a monitor before. That would be fun!

Then we went to the back side of the Wild Arctic. I’ve always wondered how the trainers watch over the animals and now I know they have their own special rooms to see the animals from the other side. The beluga whales really loved seeing me. The trainer taught me how to have the whale do a spy hop and I really liked watching them swim. The whale’s skin felt like rubber. They make funny noises and love to eat fish.

The polar bear was beautiful and very big. She looked really furry and had huge paws. I had a lot of fun watching the SeaWorld trainer work with the polar bear.

I learned polar bears are very quiet and if five of them were walking behind us we probably wouldn’t even know it. I also learned polar bears have a great sense of smell and are white so they can be camouflaged in the snow. I can’t believe polar bears start out as tiny babies before they grow into big bears.

I also got to see all the toys the polar bears play with at SeaWorld. The bears have a lot of different toys and get to play with different ones each day. They are all scratched up from their big, sharp claws.

Then I met a walrus and was so excited to feed him fish. He was huge but so sweet. I held my hand in front of him and he used his whiskers to feel me. He thought he was so funny when he was making a sneezing noise. I thought it was funny too until he really sneezed and blew his food on us.

I had so much fun on the Wild Artic tour and really hope my Mommy and Daddy take me on it again soon!