Sep 02

Everyone Should Try Thrill Rides at Aquatica San Diego

I live in Arizona and go to lots of waterparks in the summer because it’s so hot. I really like water slides and was so excited to go to Aquatica San Diego during our summer vacation because they have awesome rides there.

The first time I went to Aquatica I was scared to ride the big rides. Then I found out they were very fun after I rode HooRoo Run. I first saw HooRoo Run from far away because it’s so big. I told my mom I really wanted to ride it and she probably thought I wasn’t tall enough. We walked over and I couldn’t believe it; I was tall enough to ride!

When I first walked up to it I felt sort of nervous. Then after I rode it I felt really proud of myself. After my very first time I wanted to ride HooRoo Run over and over and over.

Tassie’s Twister is very fun because you spin around in a circle and you go on a big drop. When you are waiting in line you get to see the entire waterpark from really high.

I rode with my mom because you can ride on a tube with other people. She was screaming the whole time but I was laughing because it made me feel dizzy like when you spin around in circles.

Taumata Racer is fun because you get to pick the color slide you want to start on.

Loggerhead Lane is a really fun place to play when you want to take a break from the big rides.

It was really fun to tell all my friends everything I rode. They couldn’t believe I’m just six years old and went down HooRoo Run. I don’t have just one favorite ride because I love them all. I think everyone should be brave and try the big rides like me because they are so much fun!