Sep 04

Every Bite Counts Toward Conservation

At SeaWorld San Diego, we care, 365 days a year.

We have helped animals in need – ill, injured, orphaned and abandoned – for more than four decades, and we continue to do so.

We also have a mission to care for the environment.

In 2011, we eliminated single-use plastic bags from our gift shops. This year, our Culinary team launched another green initiative within our park by phasing out all polystyrene foam tableware and flatware in its restaurants. With more than 2 million meals served in the park each year, the move promises a positive impact for the environment.

“SeaWorld is proud to be a responsible steward of the environment, not just here in our park, but in the oceans and the world we share,” says SeaWorld San Diego Park President John Reilly. “We hope our actions will inspire others to take similar steps that, combined, can make a huge difference.”

It all started in 2012 at Mama Stella’s Pizza Kitchen, and, eventually, in all of our restaurants, food carts and employee dining areas throughout the park. SeaWorld San Diego had switched:

• All usage of plates and bowls (3,600,000 each annually) from foam to molded fiber
• All of our cutlery (4,535,000 each annually) from plastic to cornstarch
• All of our hot cups (520,750 each annually) from foam to recycled paper

Cornstarch, you ask? Does that mean it’s edible?

Great question (and certainly one we asked)! What it means is that it is 100 percent compostable, biodegradable and made of health-friendly, sustainable natural fiber, such as sugarcane, bamboo, grass and reed plasma.

The same green initiative is practiced at Aquatica San Diego as well.

Here’s another fun fact:

SeaWorld San Diego also maintains nutritious diets for the park’s animals, while being mindful of effective re-use practices at the same time. For example, we feed beef-baron bones to the polar bears at Wild Arctic, and bread, fruits and lettuces to the domestic animals at Pets Rule! All these materials are recycled from our culinary operations.

Remember – you, too, can care for the natural world we share, 365 days a year!