Jul 22

Employee Spotlight: Euliane “Jade” Sulit

by Staff

Jade and Employee at Busch Gardens Tampa

Jade and Employee at Busch Gardens Tampa

Jade is an 18-year-old student from the Philippines who is finishing her three-month Student Cultural Program at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. During her stay, Jade and the other students work at the SEA parks and live locally in college-style apartments while experiencing the Florida lifestyle. We sat down with Jade at the bakery where she works for a quick
Q & A.

What has your time at Busch Gardens taught you about American culture?

Everyone is unique in their own way. One thing I realized is that Americans are very well disciplined when it comes to work. They are also very sociable, which made it very easy for me to make a lot of friends that I will always remember.

What is your favorite part of your job at the bakery?

The cotton candy! It’s my favorite and so much fun! The team here in the bakery has taught me to do many different tasks, from making cotton candy to prepping veggies. I enjoy having so much fun while working with a team that really let me try out new things.

How is your life in Florida different from your home life in the Philippines?
My life here has been very different compared to my life in my home country. This experience has changed me for the better. My time at Busch Gardens has taught me to be hardworking, independent, keenly observant and responsible. These things will surely prepare me in the years to come when I live on my own. I also learned to control and balance my work responsibilities with my social life.

What lessons have you learned at Busch Gardens that will help you in the future?

I love the life that I’ve experienced here. There are so many experiences that I will treasure forever. This experience is so far, the brightest highlight of my life so far.