Oct 20

DIY Flamingo Costume

I really like going to SeaWorld San Diego’s Halloween Spooktacular because I get to make a costume and wear it to trick or treat in the park. They have funny shows and different food for Halloween. (My favorite treat this year is the Scary Banana Boo-tella Crepe!) I made flamingo costumes for me and my little sister and had fun wearing them at SeaWorld.

It was very easy to make the flamingo costume. All you need is yellow foam, black and white felt, a pink feather boa, tall pink socks, and a pink hoodie. My striped socks were grown-up size so they covered my legs. I wore them over my shoes so it looked like I had tall flamingo legs. You also need scissors and a hot glue gun but ask a grown up for help because it’s too hot for a kid to use.

First, cut off the sleeves of the hoodie to turn it into a vest.

Then you make the beak by making a long triangle shape out of foam. Then cut a piece of black felt to glue to the end. You have to make the eyes with felt too. Cut a big oval with white felt, then cut it in half to make two eyes. Cut black circles and glue them to the middle of the ovals for eyeballs.

Ask a grown up help you hot glue the beak and the eyeballs to the hood of your hoodie vest. The feather boa gets glued on the vest next. Flamingos have really long necks so first, glue the boa to the back of the hood, then go down and make a zigzag pattern on the back. You might need two if your hoodie is big. Zigzag on the front with the feathers too but don’t go across the zipper or you won’t be able to put it on.

Wear pink shorts and a tank top under your costume. Put the tall socks over your shoes so they don’t show.

Have fun at SeaWorld San Diego’s Halloween Spooktacular or trick-or-treating in your neighborhood!