Apr 08

Discovering Conservation at Discovery Cove

by Staff

While Discovery Cove is widely known for providing up-close interactions with dolphins, fish, stingrays and bird, there is a cool spot guests can go to interact with, and learn about, other animals - the Conservation Cabana.

Here guests can explore conservation and animal information through handling and examining artifacts, talking to the park's animal education experts, collecting customized trading cards, or simply chilling out with a good animal book in the shade.

The Conservation Cabana encourages guests to explore their creative side through drawing and coloring specially created animal sheets, and by building enriching wooden chew toys that are given to the park's parrots and macaws.

Guests may have many up-close animal encounters with a diverse range of our animal ambassadors, such as kinkajous, lesser anteaters, armadillos, tortoises and birds, such as owls and tawny frogmouths.

Connecting people with the animal world is a hallmark of our company. We do this at our parks through up close encounters in naturalistic habitats, renowned husbandry work and through on-site and community zoo education initiatives. We believe that guests and the public develop a greater appreciation for wildlife and wild places as a result of our work. The use of animal ambassadors is a carefully planned and implemented initiative. All community events and outreach has seasoned zoo care specialists with the animals at all times. Our standards - including enrichment sessions - are very stringent and no animal is ever at risk.