Mar 04

Did you know polar bears like marshmallows?

by Staff

Animal Care experts at SeaWorld Orlando's, Wild Arctic are committed to the health and well-being of our amazing animals. Through unique guest centered training session, guests can see first hand how SeaWorld cares for their animals.

Check out some of these exciting facts you could learn during one of these training sessions:

Did you know polar bears like marshmallows?

SeaWorld Animal Care experts provide healthy food such as fruits and vegetables to our polar bears to keep them physically and mentally fit. The marshmallows are yummy treats for our polar bears to enjoy ever once in awhile.

Did you know a walrus' tusk can be up to 3 feet long? Our Animal Care team will examine our walrus' tusks to ensure they are healthy.

These training sessions take place every week and allow guests exploring the attraction to see a giant polar bear stand 12 feet tall or a beluga whale wave to their trainer. Guests might even get the chance to hear a walrus chatter with an Animal Care expert.

All of these behaviors are trained so our Animal Care team can ensure the health of our animals and provide them with exciting enrichment activities. Connecting people with the animal world is a hallmark of our company. We do this at our parks through up close encounters in naturalistic habitats, renowned husbandry work and through on-site and community zoo education initiatives. To discover more, visit