Jun 30

CUTE ALERT: It’s Pupping Season at SeaWorld Orlando

This past week, our SeaWorld Orlando family welcomed two adorable California sea lions. The sea lions were born at Pacific Point Preserve on June 23 and June 26. The recent sea lion births were among six that have taken place over the past few weeks during pupping season.

• On average, California sea lion pups weigh between 19 and 24 pounds at birth.
• Pupping season for California sea lions occurs in the summer months.
• California sea lions have a 12-month reproductive cycle, consisting of a 9-month gestation period.

All sea lion pups are being cared for by their mothers and can be seen by park guests at SeaWorld Orlando.

The SeaWorld Animal Care team is continuing to monitor each pup and mother as they grow.

To learn more about SeaWorld’s commitment to animals, please visit SeaWorldCares.com.