Nov 21

Chat with Chef: Turkey Ravioli

Have we got a special surprise for you -- this Thanksgiving, SeaWorld San Diego is launching a new segment on Inside SeaWorld called "Chat with Chef"! To celebrate the inaugural post, Chef Axel, Executive Chef of Culinary Operations at SeaWorld San Diego, sat down with us to talk about one of the holiday entrees in the park that he's really excited about -- turkey ravioli.

How did the concept of the turkey ravioli come about?
Turkey ravioli is a fusion of American Thanksgiving meal and Italian menu expectations. We already have successful stuffed cannelloni / rolled lasagna [in the park], so making ravioli offered itself.

Why turkey ravioli?
Thanksgiving tradition is using turkey and cranberries. The California fusion allows us to combine the two.

How is it different from the other pasta dishes that SeaWorld San Diego has in its restaurants?
Our ravioli and rolled lasagna are in-house produced. We cook the fillings and we fold the raviolis. A handmade holiday tradition.

What are some tips that you can share with our readers on what to do with leftover turkey?
Be creative – turkey is a healthy protein and can be used to replace any meat. Flatbread turkey sandwich, turkey tacos, breakfast waffle and fried turkey, turkey sushi roll. The choices are endless.

What are other holiday dishes that you would highly suggest for guests and their families to try when they visit SeaWorld San Diego, and where can they find them?

Shipwreck Reef Café
Castaway Holiday Meal -- Turkey, Corn Bread Stuffing, Crunchy Sweet Potatoes, Steamed Mixed Veggies, Cranberries and Gravy

Seaport Market
Home Style Holiday Meal -- Corn Bread Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans with Almonds, Yams, Cranberries and Gravy

Calypso Bay
Christmas BBQ Feast -- Smoked Chicken, Brisket, Spare Rib, Baby Back Ribs, Corn, Sweet Potato Fries and Dinner Roll

Manny Ray’s
Holiday Flatbread Pizza

What’s a Thanksgiving dinner must-have for you?
Pecan pie is a must!!!

We wouldn't be surprised if you're getting hungry as you're reading this. But the best part is about to come! Chef shared a recipe for turkey ravioli with us, and in the tradition of giving, we're sharing it with you!


Turkey Ravioli Recipe

Combine cooked ground turkey, Mascarpone cheese, cooked chopped spinach, cran-raisins and parmesan cheese
Add salt, pepper and dried sage to taste
Fold into fresh or cooked pasta sheet
Coat the bottom of a casserole pan with your favorite tomato sauce
Place folded ravioli on top cover with some more sauce and cheese to your liking
Bake it in the oven


Readers, stay tuned for the next "Chat with Chef!"