Jan 23

Chat with Chef: Seaport Marketplace Hand Crafted Burgers and Local Brews

We'll be honest -- just telling you all about the all new Seaport Marketplace Hand Crafted Burgers and Local Brews restaurant at SeaWorld San Diego has us craving for one of their burgers (a la carte or a create-your-own -- we'll take both), potato chips, salad(s) and dessert(s) . . . is it obvious yet that we want every thing on the menu? Plus, who can resist being called a "Burger Master" and feel empowered creating their own burger AND crowning it with a burger name that only they can come up with? We undertook the difficult task of not letting the smell of freshly-made burgers distract us as we sat down with Chef Axel for this month's chat.

What’s new at Seaport Marketplace?
We launched a NEW approach to theme park food -- fresh food with bold flavors.

Burgers are a staple in theme parks. What makes SeaWorld’s extraordinary?
Burgers are common comfort food, but they can be made extraordinary using great FRESH products, such as all-natural Niman Ranch Angus Beef, fresh lettuce and tomatoes, FUN toppings, and of course, a trained Burger Master Chef who puts it all together.

What should guests know about SeaWorld's “Hand Crafted Burgers”?
We guarantee that we can make a tasty burger to meet everyone’s needs.

Walk us through the process of being a Burger Master and the concept of “No Compromise.”
A Burger Master is a trained professional. They are empowered to be the quality expert. “No Compromise” means that guests are not limited to just the a la carte burger selection, but they can create the ultimate masterpiece.

It looks like the whole menu at Seaport Marketplace was revamped, from sides to desserts. Why the change?
The only constant in life is change. The salads and desserts reflect the San Diego food scene.

Bacon Spinach, Iceberg Wedge and Turkey Caesar side salads – these selections are definitely far from your typical theme park salad. What inspired the new menu?
We are not a typical theme park – Southern California has an incredible active food scene and SeaWorld San Diego is a part of that.

Gluten-free options – is that available at Seaport Marketplace? If so, which ones?
We have a variety of gluten-free and allergen-friendly food available at Seaport Marketplace. (Guests can ask a Seaport Marketplace team member for more details.)

Can you tell us more about the local brew choices that are available to guests?
Their choices include Stone Brewery, Coronado Brewing Company and Karl Strauss.

What is the most important goal with Seaport Marketplace’s new concept?
The ultimate goal is to serve fresh quality food. The concept at Seaport is just one of many steps we will be taking to make great food and service as part of the experience every guest remembers.

Here’s the most difficult question for you, Chef. Which burger is your favorite?
Baja! (Pepper Jack Cheese, Guacamole and Pico de Gallo)

Here’s the second most difficult question – what burger creation would you recommend?
The Sweet Blue with the Chickpea Burger is simply delicious! (Caramelized Onions with Blue Crumble)

Can you smell the burgers and hear the crunch of the potato chips yet? Here's the best part -- Seaport Marketplace is one of the restaurants included in SeaWorld's All-Day Dining Deal!

Oh come on! Don't tell us you're not on your way to SeaWorld San Diego yet! Your fresh burger is waiting at Seaport Marketplace, Burger Master!

Readers, stay tuned for the next "Chat with Chef"!