Feb 20

Chat with Chef: Manny Ray's

Located between Manta and Dolphin Point, SeaWorld San Diego's Manny Ray's offers unique and original food choices, ranging from pulled pork and California cheese steak flatbread pizzas to chipotle turkey wrap and kalua pork sandwiches. In this month's Chat with Chef, we sat down (because talking about food makes us weak in the knees) with Chef Axel to learn more about the Manny Ray's food and dining experience.

What inspired the menu for Manny Ray's?
The menu is designed to meet the demands of younger demographics and fits the new Manta roller coaster realm. It also reflects our California lifestyle by combining unique flavors and a fun, simple approach. Just “Fold and Eat” flatbreads are perfect for the family on the run.

It's easy to see that there are Asian-influenced flavors, which you don't see often in theme parks.
It’s all about flavors and finding the balance between bold flavors and unique food. This includes Asian, Pacific Rim and Latin influences, but also allows room for classic items like a simple all-American baked cheese sandwich or a tomato basil caprese flatbread.

There also looks to be healthier food options for guests -- again, not your typical theme park food.
My approach to healthy is providing freshly prepared and colorful food using local ingredients. A classic Caesar salad wrap enhanced with fresh cut pico de gallo is just one example. Manny Ray's is not deep fried, but instead baked and steamed.

Guests have praised us how their foods items are made fresh. Take us through the ordering process.
The moment a guest orders a menu item, we prepare it fresh. With good set up and new technology, we have met the challenge to prepare meals fresh and quick. Flatbreads are cooked to order, salads are tossed on demand and wraps are folded as ordered.

What is the ultimate goal that is aimed to achieve at Manny Ray's?
Having satisfied guests is our ultimate goal. With this in mind, we will continue to improve and design menus to meet the ever-changing demand.

Flatbreads vs. wraps -- which one is your favorite, Chef?
They are both delicious!! That is the reason why we serve the wonderful and refreshing crisp chicken Caesar salad wrap or a pulled pork flatbread topped with roasted peppers and feta cheese.

Yum! What would you recommend for a family of four to order?
One of each!

Twitter-style, Chef! In 140 characters or less, how would you describe Manny Ray's?
Manny Ray's opens up new possibilities for theme park food because of its bold flavors, California approach, and made-to-order freshness!

So Chef, think you can help me with the SeaWorld resolutions' list I have for this year? I challenged myself to try every menu item at Manny Ray's.
I wish everybody had such a resolution list. Manny Ray's has food for everyone and makes you come back for more!

Chef, I'll take that as a "Yes!" Wondering what to order at Manny Ray's? Take a look at the menu:

Flatbread Pizza: "Fold and Eat"

Pulled Pork

Chipotle Sauce, Roasted Pepper Tomato Salsa, Feta Cheese

California Cheese Steak
Tender Beef, Pepper Jack Cheese, Salsa Fresca

Tomato Basil Caprese
Ripe Tomatoes, Basil Pesto Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese

BBQ Chicken Jalapeno
Smoky BBQ Sauce, Sliced Chicken, Melted Cheese

Sandwiches: "Simply a Great Choice"

Chipotle Turkey Wrap
Low-Fat Turkey Breast, Monterey JalapeƱo Cheese, Leaf Lettuce

All-American Baked Cheese

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap
Crisp Romaine Lettuce, Sliced Chicken, Salsa, Caesar Parmesan Sauce

Kalua Pork
Slow-cooked Pulled Pork, Hoisin Honey Barbeque Sauce

Again, we ask -- what are you waiting for? Make your way to SeaWorld San Diego's Manny Ray's now! That's an order! (Pun very much intended). As always, come with your appetite, leave satisfied!

Readers, stay tuned for the next "Chat with Chef"!