Mar 27

Chat with Chef: Crepes by Skytower

There's a dessert lover in all of us, so for this month's "Chat with Chef", we decided to highlight the newest addition to SeaWorld San Diego's culinary choices -- Crepes by Skytower!

As always, Chef, we've got to ask -- what inspired Crepes?
We wanted to create a fun, fresh and bold dessert that you could enjoy on a pathway. Guests have the opportunity to watch the creation of their crepe. It's more than just a show -- it's an artwork in the making.

How did you decide on what types of crepes to have?
We could not settle for just four types of crepes. We know our guests are creative, and so we wanted to make sure that they could build their own as well!

It’s hard not to miss the Nutella jars!
Nutella is simply delicious and a perfect condiment for Crepe. Its unique hazelnut and chocolate flavor makes it a staple in many kitchens. Let's just say, “It’s a love affair,” the relationship that most people have with it.

These crepes are served in a unique way.
I believe that presentation has to be unique and practical at the same time. A delicious crepe cone topped with cream and caramel sauce put smiles on our guests' faces. We want them to be our proud “conebearer” and walk around the park enjoying a fun dessert snack.

Guest service and comfort were definitely taken into mind in this concept.
It all comes back to providing great guest service. Everything we do is guest focused. We always aim to provide the quality and experience our guests are seeking. This concept is no different. It is fresh food prepared to order in full view of guests, coupled with a unique way of preparation.

What crepe creation would you recommend to a guest to try?
I love THE Banana Nutella Crepe. It’s a staple in my diet.

What's a second crepe creation that you would suggest?
Anything works well in a crepe. I also enjoy caramel drizzle, fresh strawberries and of course, more Nutella.

Start thinking of which crepe you’re going to try:
Banana Nutella Crepe
Strawberry Vanilla Cream Crepe
Caramel Walnut Crepe
Nutella Powder Sugar Crepe
Your Crepe Creation: Select Any Toppings, Build Your Own

If you’re planning on visiting SeaWorld San Diego this Easter weekend, you definitely have to add this delightful dessert to your list of things to do at the park. Then, when you come back this summer, grab one (or all creations) as you make your way around the park. And, as always, come with your appetite, leave satisfied!

Readers, stay tuned for the next "Chat with Chef"!