Apr 29

Chat with Chef: Calypso Bay Smokehouse

Make way, fellow Foodies – there are new salads in town, and they’re waiting for you to try at SeaWorld San Diego’s Calypso Bay Smokehouse! Located between the Pets Rule! and Blue Horizons stadiums, these new menu options. You will have three different slow-smoked meats to choose from, served over crisp lettuce: Hickory Smoked Chicken Caesar Salad, Smoked Pepper Crusted Brisket Caesar Salad and Pork Spare Ribs Caesar Salad. Chef explains more in this month’s “Chat”.

Calypso Bay Smokehouse is known for, well, its succulent smokehouse meats and comfort food-style sides. What's the concept behind the coupling of salad with not-so-typical meats?
The Smokehouse is well known for great spare ribs, smoked brisket, juicy chicken and succulent baby back ribs. If you are looking for a feast, add smokehouse beans, fresh corn or tater tots. If you are seeking the bold flavors of smoked meats but also looking for something light, crisp, cool and refreshing, our salads are perfect.

What can guests expect when they order a Calypso Smokehouse Salad?
Our guests can expect a fresh, crunchy salad prepared in full view and paired with a choice of smoked meats. The unique presentation but yet bold approach makes Calypso’s smokehouse salads a must have.

What types of ingredients go into the making of one?
Care and passion, of course!

Chef, can you explain what the gastronomy term "deconstructed" means for those who don't know? You know very well that I'm a fan of deconstructed food, and I was so pleased to see how the presentation of the salad is, because it allows just that!
A deconstructed dish should contain all the classic components found in the original. The deconstruction technique treats every ingredient as its own. Our salads allow our guests to combine the ingredients on the plate as they like it. It presents a salad that’s fresh and crisp – guests are also empowered to add dressing as needed. It also makes for a fun, eating experience.

I have to say, though, Chef. You don't really expect these menu options from a smokehouse.
Expect both the tradition and modern approach of barbecue. We pride ourselves in the fact that we always seek out new ways to respond to our guests’ needs.

Out of the three salad options, which one is your top pick?
It’s always difficult to answer that question – it’s like asking which of your three children you like better! I guess the answer would be, hmm, TODAY? – I feel like smoked brisket Caesar. Tomorrow, maybe chicken or spare ribs. In the end, I love them all.

Chef, can you please tell me the secret as to why the brisket is SO good? Just talking about it makes my mouth water!
Being able to cook or smoke a good brisket is an art form. Barbecue masters and fans around the world understand the skill it takes to cook a complex muscle meat like brisket. It takes a lot of practice to define time and temperature. Every type of wood created different heat and smoke flavor. After years of learning, we finally mastered it.

I’m guessing then that the secret is remaining a secret!

Readers, stay tuned until the next “Chat with Chef”!