Apr 02

CUTE ALERT: SeaWorld Orlando Welcomes First Harbor Seal Pup of 2015

On Monday, we welcomed the first Harbor Seal Pup of 2015 to our Pacific Point Preserve family. The pup was born to 41-year-old Harbor Seal Dagwood who is one of our animal ambassadors. Both mom and pup are doing well and are being cared for by our Animal Care team.

Jul 17

Discovery Cove is Rolling with Excitement with a New Addition – A Three-Banded Armadillo Pup

On June 30, 2015, Discovery Cove welcomed its first three-banded armadillo pup. The pup was born to Clementine (mom) and Tres (dad), two of Discovery Cove’s three banded armadillos. Both mom and pup are doing well and are being cared for by Discovery Cove’s Animal Care team.

Jun 30

CUTE ALERT: It’s Pupping Season at SeaWorld Orlando

This past week, our SeaWorld Orlando family welcomed two adorable California sea lions. The sea lions were born at Pacific Point Preserve on June 23 and June 26. The recent sea lion births were among six that have taken place over the past few weeks during pupping season.

Mar 23

Buff-Crested Bustard Hatches at SeaWorld Orlando

Cute Alert! Our SeaWorld Orlando Aviculture Team welcomed a buff-crested bustard hatchling on Feb. 26. The bird weighed 20 grams upon hatching and was placed in a warm brooder. This species is native to Eastern Africa, where it mainly feeds on a variety of insects and plant materials. To avoid the chick imprinting on its keepers, a small mirror was placed inside the brooder so the chick is able to see a reflection of its own image.

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