Oct 12

SeaWorld Orlando Makes A Very Special Dog's Dream Come True

It’s not an uncommon dream to want to meet a dolphin. SeaWorld Orlando, and sister park Discovery Cove, provide a number of ways for guests to get up-close with friendly dolphins and observe these amazing animals in action. But it did come as a surprise when the request to meet a dolphin came from an 8-year-old labrador retriever named Conrad.

Aug 08

Species Spotlight: SeaWorld Orlando Welcomes Dolphin Calf

SeaWorld Orlando recently welcomed an adorable dolphin calf to its family. The unnamed calf weighed in at 35 pounds and is 40 inches long, with the sex unknown at this time. Currently, the calf is nursing and bonding with its mom, Ariel, (in her mid teens, this is her fourth calf).

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