Jul 17

Discovery Cove is Rolling with Excitement with a New Addition – A Three-Banded Armadillo Pup

On June 30, 2015, Discovery Cove welcomed its first three-banded armadillo pup. The pup was born to Clementine (mom) and Tres (dad), two of Discovery Cove’s three banded armadillos. Both mom and pup are doing well and are being cared for by Discovery Cove’s Animal Care team.

May 12

Meet Dr. Lara Croft - Veterinarian at SeaWorld Orlando

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a veterinarian atSeaWorld Orlando? Look no further - meet Dr. Lara Croft, SeaWorld Orlando Veterinarian. Dr. Croft answers some commonly asked questions about becoming a veterinarian at SeaWorld Orlando:

What is your job?

Nov 09

Orlando is warming up this weekend – Enjoy the sun at Aquatica!

by Staff

Already tired of the cooler weather that has hit central Florida this past week? Good news! Orlando temperatures will reach the mid 70’s this weekend. What a perfect chance to enjoy all that Aquatica has to offer… before the chill of winter blows in!

Mar 20

Shark Attack Survivor Celebrates Seventh Birthday at Discovery Cove

Shark attack victim Lucy Mangum celebrated her seventh birthday at Discovery Cove due to the kindness of Southwest employee, Mike Williams who heard Lucy’s incredible story during a national television interview.

Oct 10

Species Spotlight: Giant Pacific Octopus

Otto the Octopus is the hero of SeaWorld's Halloween Spooktacular, and is even featured on our Spooktacular logo. Do you know where at SeaWorld you can find a real octopus? Keep reading to find out all the fun, freaky facts about the Giant Pacific Octopus.

Sep 19

Species Spotlight: Kinkajou

Rarely seen but often heard, the noisy and nimble kinkajou screeches, hoots and barks sounds from high up in the trees. Let's learn more about these marvelous mammals of the rain forest!

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