Jun 23

Summer of Mako Top 10 Insider Tips at SeaWorld Orlando

Ok, summer is here and it is time to conquer Summer of Mako at SeaWorld Orlando. Here is a list of some of the top new things and a few summer favorites you won’t want to miss.

Aug 11

The Coasters of SeaWorld Orlando

Did you know that SeaWorld Orlando features five distinctly different coaster that provide thrills for all ages! Whether you are just starting to conquer coasters or are a top thrill seeker we have something for you.

Jul 14

Three Trainer Tips For Playing Pokémon GO Like A Pro At SeaWorld Orlando

by Staff

Have you been playing Pokemon? Silly question, of course you have. The real question is have you been playing at SeaWorld? Because your fellow trainers are...

Jul 12

Touch a Shark at SeaWorld Orlando!

Many people grow up with a fear of sharks. It’s no surprise, for years popular culture and news media have sensationalized incidents of shark and human interaction, overall contributing to how the shark has become one of the most misunderstood predators of our ocean.

The fact of the matter is, instead of being afraid of sharks, we should be afraid FOR sharks. It's estimated that at least 100 million sharks are killed annually, mainly for their fins to make soup, a delicacy in some countries.

Jun 24

SeaWorld Orlando’s 4th of July Weekend Celebration

Fourth of July weekend is coming up and it is time to start making plans! Check out what SeaWorld Orlando has going on for the whole family.
Apr 29

Mako Frenzy Series: Adrenaline Details

by Staff

June 10 cannot get here soon enough, but since we have 41 days left to wait at least we can relish in the adrenaline details that help make Mako the tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster in Orlando!

Aug 20

All-New Mama’s Pretzel Kitchen Opens at SeaWorld Orlando

Theme park snacks take a fun twist at the new “Mama’s Pretzel Kitchen” inside SeaWorld Orlando.

Pretzel connoisseurs can now savor sweet and salty pretzel combinations while sipping on a variety of local and seasonal craft beers, frozen cocktails, wines and beverages.

The menu features a selection of both original and unusual soft pretzel creations, with mouth-watering options such as the:

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