Apr 02

CUTE ALERT: SeaWorld Orlando Welcomes First Harbor Seal Pup of 2015

On Monday, we welcomed the first Harbor Seal Pup of 2015 to our Pacific Point Preserve family. The pup was born to 41-year-old Harbor Seal Dagwood who is one of our animal ambassadors. Both mom and pup are doing well and are being cared for by our Animal Care team.

Oct 17

This Saturday on Sea Rescue: "Trapped and Helpless"

by Staff

This Saturday on a new episode of Sea Rescue three manatees are trapped in a pond used to control mosquitos in Florida and rescue teams must brave snakes and alligators to save them. Then a sea turtle is found tangled up in a crab pot line off the coast of South Carolina and is in urgent need of help.

Oct 03

"Sea Rescue" Returns This Saturday on ABC with More Amazing Stories of Animal Rescue

by Staff

Sea Rescue with Sam Champion returns this Saturday, Oct. 5 with more stories of marine animal rescue, rehabilitation and return by the SeaWorld rescue team and its partners. The show is hosted by environmental journalist and Good Morning America weather anchor Sam Champion. The show has been seen by more than 86 million viewers in its first two seasons.

Oct 23

The Sepia Bandensis

What has chromatophores, eight arms, two feeding tentacles and can be found at SeaWorld San Diego's Aquarium de la Mer? (Hint: It's not an octopus, but is related to it.) Press play to find out!

Oct 21

The Nautilus Pompilius

What has 90 arms, is a cephalopod, has lived in the ocean since before the dinosaurs, and can be found at SeaWorld San Diego’s Aquarium de la Mer? Watch the video below to find out!

Oct 02

Rock Day at Penguin Encounter!

Hmm… what is “Rock Day” at SeaWorld San Diego’s Penguin Encounter? Watch the video below to find out, then share what you learned in the comments below! *Hint*: It doesn’t involve big hair and electric guitars!

Sep 25

The Making of Nakai and Orkid's Birthday Cakes

SeaWorld San Diego recently celebrated the birthday of two September babies: Nakai and Orkid! Watch the video below to see how killer whale trainers Katey and Andre prepared the birthday celebrants' special treats!

Sep 24

Rady Children's Hospital Visit with Pete and Penny Penguin

For many years, SeaWorld San Diego has brought animal ambassadors to Rady Children's Hospital so that patients who are unable to visit the park can have a chance to meet them up close. On Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2015, Pete and Penny Penguin brought smiles to many kids, showing the power of connection.

Sep 23

Happy Birthday, Nakai and Orkid!

A BIG happy birthday to our September babies, Nakai, who turned 14 on Sept. 1, and Orkid, who is 27 today, Sept. 23! Watch how the trainers celebrated these killer whales' birthdays!

Sep 09

Makani the Chatterbox

Earlier this year, we interviewed killer whale trainer Vicki, who gave us an update on Baby Amaya at SeaWorld San Diego.

We had to reshoot some of the clips because of a certain cute "chatterbox." Watch the video below to find out who!

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