Feb 25

Polar Bears 101

I was just a baby when I met my first polar bear. I posed for a picture with Shivers the big polar bear during a visit to SeaWorld San Diego. My mom says I was happy to see him when we first walked into the park.

Sep 05

Kids Ask Trainers: Polar Bear Edition

Trainers and animal care specialists at SeaWorld San Diego dedicate their lives to the animals in their care. They demonstrate their commitment, passion and dedication every day, whether they work with a tiny cleaner fish or a mighty killer whale. Not only are they passionate about caring for animals, but they also love sharing their knowledge with guests and animal lovers everywhere.

Aug 20

Exploring the Wild Arctic

I had so much fun on the Wild Arctic Up-Close Tour the last time I was at SeaWorld San Diego. You can see the animals through windows on the other side of the exhibit but on the tour you get to go see the animals from inside. It’s awesome because you get to see how the SeaWorld trainers take care of the animals. You get to learn about beluga whales, polar bears and walruses. Our tour guide let me stand at the front with her and knew a lot about animals.

Nov 06

Raise Your Paw for Polar Bear Week!

Raise your “paw” if you love polar bears! My fellow team members and I are devoting an entire week to celebrate the top predator of the Arctic. This week marks the beginning of SeaWorld’s second annual Polar Bear Week, so if YOU are a fan of polar bears as much as we are, come by SeaWorld San Diego’s Wild Arctic exhibit and have a polar bear party with us!

Sep 18

Check the Beluga Interaction Program Off Your Bucket List!

When people ask me what “once-in-a-lifetime” experiences are available at SeaWorld San Diego, my answer is always the Beluga Interaction Program. It is one of the coolest programs (literally, too) that we offer.

Mar 18

SeaWorld San Diego's Education Department Gets People Excited about Animals

Hi everyone!

As an instructor for the education department, I happen to have the most fun job in the world! Working at SeaWorld San Diego has provided me with many fun opportunities to share exciting information about animals. I pretty much get paid to talk to people!

Feb 13

Celebrate Valentine's Day at SeaWorld San Diego's Wild Arctic

On any given day as a Wild Arctic keeper, we have the opportunity to work with a diverse group of species, ranging from our smallest animal, the arctic fox (weighing in at approximately 10 lbs), to coming face to face with the largest animal at Wild Arctic (and second largest at SeaWorld San Diego) Obie, our adult male Pacific walrus, weighing in at a whopping 3,400 lbs! That’s right -- he is a big boy. But in walrus terms, Obie is a medium-sized male walrus, as male walruses can weigh as much as 5,000 lbs. SeaWorld San Diego is also home to adult female walrus named Seahook.

Nov 19

SeaWorld San Diego Celebrates First Polar Bear Week

by Staff

Last week was the celebration of the top predator of the Arctic -- the polar bear. The first official Polar Bear Week ever was a success!

Oct 02

The Trip of a Lifetime to Help Wildlife

I have very exciting news! Jeni Fain, an Animal Care Specialist at Wild Arctic, and I were selected to be Conservation Ambassadors for the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund (SWBGCF). We will be participating in Polar Bears International’s Leadership Camps where we will learn about polar bears, climate change, and how each of us can help make a world of a difference. We will be traveling to Churchill Canada, the polar bear capitol of the world, to join other educators, public relations professionals, and zoo keepers from across the United States and Canada.

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