Apr 15

A Spotlight on Blue Horizons' Stars: Bubbles, Shadow and Argo!

Hi everyone! Christie here from SeaWorld San Diego’s Dolphin Stadium, home of the Blue Horizons show! As many of you may know, Blue Horizons features several different kinds of animals including bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncates) and a variety of bird species. But what most people what to know is, “What kind whales are in your show?” The answer? Short-finned Pacific pilot whales (Globicephala macrorhynchus)!

Apr 10

Become a Part of a Dolphin’s World through a Dolphin Connection

Can’t breathe underwater?

Neither can dolphins.

They hold their breath just like we do while underwater. The only difference is they can hold it for a lot longer than we can, up to 12 minutes. So in order for us to be underwater with them for a longer amount of time we use a scuba.

Aug 27

Big League Star Sighting at Discovery Cove

by Staff

Check out Tampa Bay Rays stars, Matt Garza and James Shields, at Discovery Cove recently. They may be big leaguers and big hitters (and in Garza's case, pitcher of a perfect game!), but dthat oesn't hold a candle to swimming with a dolphin at Discovery Cove in Orlando. The guys and their families enjoyed the day swimming with rays -- not the baseball kind -- and dolphins and hand-feeding exotic birds. Explore for yourself at www.DiscoveryCove.com.

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