Sep 13

Chat with Chef: Fish Tacos at SeaWorld San Diego

Hi there, fellow Foodies! In this month's Chat with Chef, I'm featuring Fish Tacos at SeaWorld San Diego. Watch the episode above to see one of the must-try foods at the park!

Stay tuned for the next "Chat with Chef"!

Mar 27

Chat with Chef: Crepes by Skytower

There's a dessert lover in all of us, so for this month's "Chat with Chef", we decided to highlight the newest addition to SeaWorld San Diego's culinary choices -- Crepes by Skytower!

As always, Chef, we've got to ask -- what inspired Crepes?
We wanted to create a fun, fresh and bold dessert that you could enjoy on a pathway. Guests have the opportunity to watch the creation of their crepe. It's more than just a show -- it's an artwork in the making.

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