Jul 07

Top 5 Things to Know About Training Sharks

Did you know it’s possible to train sharks? The expert aquarists at SeaWorld and Discovery Cove in Orlando have done just that. They have learned that sharks have unique behavioral traits and that training them takes patience. Training allows veterinarians and aquarists to provide hands-on care to the animals and also enables guests to interact with the sharks up close.

Jul 06

There Are More to Sharks than Their Teeth

Sharks sound scary but that’s just because people think they all have really sharp teeth. I think sharks are neat because they have been around since the dinosaurs. There are so many different types with different shaped bodies like hammerhead sharks, whale sharks and basking sharks. The Megalodon shark was huge and we have learned a lot about them from fossils.

Oct 08

Inside SeaWorld: First of Its Kind Shark Rescue and Return

In the first of its kind rescue, SeaWorld successfully rescued, rehabilitated and returned a smooth-hound shark back to its natural habitat. SeaWorld rescued the animal on Sept. 30, after being in contact with officials at Marina Village, who had noticed the animal in distress in very shallow water along the rocks. The shark, nicknamed Marina because of the location of her stranding, had some superficial injuries on her snout, abdomen and below her dorsal due to entanglement in fishing gear.

Aug 14

CUTE ALERT! Meet the Newest Additions to the Discovery Cove Family - Two Whitetip Reef Sharks

by Staff

CUTE ALERT: Last month, we welcomed our newest additions - two whitetip reef shark pups born at Discovery Cove on July 1. These little guys might not make the best cuddlers, but in our eyes that doesn’t make them any less cute.

Aug 12

Calling all Shark Lovers - Celebrate Shark Week with SeaWorld Orlando

CALLING ALL SHARK LOVERS: As you are probably aware, it is officially Shark Week and what better way to celebrate than with the shark experts at SeaWorld Orlando! At SeaWorld, guests can see five species of sharks, including: nurse sharks, sand sharks, tiger sharks, black tip sharks and saw fish.

Aug 11

Trainer Talk: Sandtiger Sharks

Our new, educational webisode series, "Trainer Talk," gives you the fun opportunity to learn more about the animals that live here in the park from our trainers and animal care specialists!

In honor of Shark Week, join associate aquarist Briana for this month's "Trainer Talk" as she tells you more about sandtiger sharks. Watch the video below, the first of this week's series of clips, to learn more about these mysterious sharks. Then, tune in this Wednesday to learn more about another type of shark species!

Jul 14

Celebrate Shark Day at SeaWorld Orlando

In honor of Shark Awareness Day, we’d like to share the different ways that you and your family can connect with sharks here at SeaWorld Orlando! Check out our top five:

Mar 20

Shark Attack Survivor Celebrates Seventh Birthday at Discovery Cove

Shark attack victim Lucy Mangum celebrated her seventh birthday at Discovery Cove due to the kindness of Southwest employee, Mike Williams who heard Lucy’s incredible story during a national television interview.

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