Jun 19

Summer Nights at SeaWorld Orlando Starts This Weekend

When the sun goes down at SeaWorld Orlando, a new world of fun and adventure comes to life. Summer Nights at SeaWorld Orlando is a nighttime spectacular that includes incredible shows, an all-new attraction, thrilling coasters under the stars, and a nightly Shamu show that ends with a bang.

May 09

An Eagle Ray Checkup at SeaWorld San Diego

At SeaWorld San Diego, our keepers, trainers, aquarists and veterinarians care for more than 5,000 marine animals. As part of SeaWorld’s commitment to the animals’ well being, they are monitored on a daily basis. They are also occasionally brought to our behind-the-scenes animal care facility for a more extensive checkup of their health. This occurs with sea lions, dolphins, penguins and sea otters, just to name a few. But did you know it can also include 6-foot spotted eagle rays (Aetobatus narinari)?

Apr 05

Training for the Pole to Pole Fun Run at SeaWorld San Diego

Fans, take your marks!

Last year, SeaWorld held its first inaugural Pole to Pole Fun Run, promoting the crucial work of the Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute and its positive impact in the polar regions of the globe.

Mar 18

SeaWorld San Diego's Education Department Gets People Excited about Animals

Hi everyone!

As an instructor for the education department, I happen to have the most fun job in the world! Working at SeaWorld San Diego has provided me with many fun opportunities to share exciting information about animals. I pretty much get paid to talk to people!

Mar 06

It’s Never Too Late to Ride SeaWorld San Diego's Manta for the First Time!

As you may recall, last year I was sort of a Manta expert. With weekly construction updates, regularly touring the site and blogging about this historical addition to SeaWorld San Diego, I felt like I became “Manta girl” in some way. Ironically, after all that hard work and detail leading up to the grand opening of the ride, I had never even gotten the chance to ride the ray or feel the rush! You see, most of last year I was pregnant, so roller coasters were off limits for me.

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