Nov 13

Meet the Manatees of TurtleTrek at SeaWorld Orlando

During November’s Manatee Awareness Month, we continue to spread awareness of manatees and the many simple ways we can contribute to their conservation. Let’s take a moment to highlight three beautiful manatees that live at SeaWorld Orlando’s TurtleTrek.

Oct 31

November is Manatee Awareness Month

It's the beginning of November and the SeaWorld team is ready to spread the word about Manatee Awareness Month. Commonly found in Florida waters, manatees are nonaggressive, nonterritorial herbivores that prefer to spend their time in warm tropical and subtropical waters. They spend anywhere between six to eight hours of their day feeding on seagrass and other vegetation.

Sep 26

My SeaWorld Story: Mike

SeaWorld has inspired millions of guests since it opened in 1964. We all have a SeaWorld story; from the first time we connected with a dolphin or a whale, to the moment we made an effort to recycle to protect our ocean friends beyond the park's borders.

Sep 05

SeaWorld Orlando's Animal Rescue Team Rescues five Animals in 74 Hours

by Staff

Kids may be back in school and families are settling into a routine, but this week was far from routine for our Animal Rescue Team! In fact, they helped five animals in just 74 hours – two sandhill cranes, two sea turtles and a dolphin. On call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our Animal Rescue Team is able to leave for a rescue at a moment’s notice.

Sep 05

Kids Ask Trainers: Polar Bear Edition

Trainers and animal care specialists at SeaWorld San Diego dedicate their lives to the animals in their care. They demonstrate their commitment, passion and dedication every day, whether they work with a tiny cleaner fish or a mighty killer whale. Not only are they passionate about caring for animals, but they also love sharing their knowledge with guests and animal lovers everywhere.

Aug 20

Exploring the Wild Arctic

I had so much fun on the Wild Arctic Up-Close Tour the last time I was at SeaWorld San Diego. You can see the animals through windows on the other side of the exhibit but on the tour you get to go see the animals from inside. It’s awesome because you get to see how the SeaWorld trainers take care of the animals. You get to learn about beluga whales, polar bears and walruses. Our tour guide let me stand at the front with her and knew a lot about animals.

Jul 18

An Inspirational Story About an Amazing Girl and How SeaWorld Orlando is Helping Her Dreams Come True

Meet McClain Hermes, a 13-year-old Paralympic swimmer and philanthropist who is suffering from progressive vision loss. After being told by doctors that she had less than two years before losing her sight entirely, Hermes has been on a quest to create lasting, visual memories.

Jun 25

My Love for Sea Lions at SeaWorld

I fell in love with sea lions when I saw them for the first time at SeaWorld San Diego. I remember throwing fish to them. They sound so silly when they bark for fish and open their mouths really big.

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