Oct 17

This Saturday on Sea Rescue: "Trapped and Helpless"

by Staff

This Saturday on a new episode of Sea Rescue three manatees are trapped in a pond used to control mosquitos in Florida and rescue teams must brave snakes and alligators to save them. Then a sea turtle is found tangled up in a crab pot line off the coast of South Carolina and is in urgent need of help.

Oct 03

"Sea Rescue" Returns This Saturday on ABC with More Amazing Stories of Animal Rescue

by Staff

Sea Rescue with Sam Champion returns this Saturday, Oct. 5 with more stories of marine animal rescue, rehabilitation and return by the SeaWorld rescue team and its partners. The show is hosted by environmental journalist and Good Morning America weather anchor Sam Champion. The show has been seen by more than 86 million viewers in its first two seasons.

Mar 30

Making of: Fish Formula for Rescued Sea Lion Pups

The SeaWorld San Diego Rescue Team has already broken records with its rescue of more than 600 animals since the beginning of the year, with the majority being sea lion pups. Have you ever wondered what it takes to feed and care for so many animals?

Jan 29

Sea Lion Pup Rescues Increase Dramatically

In this first month of 2015, the SeaWorld Rescue Team has already seen a dramatic increase in the number of sea lion pups found stranded along California's coastline.

Nov 06

A Second Chance: Behind the Rescue

On Monday, October 27, 2014, SeaWorld San Diego's Rescue Team rescued a female California sea lion with a severe neck injury at a local bait barge.

We want you to feel what it's like to go on an animal rescue with the SeaWorld Rescue Team.

Not all rescues are easy. But...

The SeaWorld Rescue Team gets it done.

Click on the video below to watch A Second Chance: Behind the Rescue.

Oct 28

SeaWorld Rescue Team Saves the Life of a Sea Lion Impaled by Gaff Pole

On Sunday, Oct. 26, the SeaWorld San Diego Rescue Team came to the aid of a 200-pound California sea lion that was impaled by a 10-foot gaff pole at La Jolla Cove.

The hook on the gaff pole was embedded three inches into the animal’s back. The wound could have ultimately been life threatening.

Jan 14

SeaWorld Rescue Team Member Adopts Hurricane Sandy Dog

On Saturday, Nov. 17, 2012, the SeaWorld Rescue Team, along with the concerted efforts of Helen Woodward Animal Center, Southwest Airlines and BP Fuel, assisted more than 40 orphaned dogs and cats flown in across the country from the East Coast that were affected when Hurricane Sandy hit and left their facilities uninhabitable. Jessica DeCoursey was among the rescue team members who safely chaperoned the pets, including seven-year-old pug/Pekinese blend Lassie, to Helen Woodward Animal Center.

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