Nov 28

SeaWorld Launches First Mobile Game - Ocean Themed, Of Course

by Staff

Turtle Trek, the first mobile game from SeaWorld, is now available from the App Store.

Turtle Trek is a free game download for the iPhone and iPad. Players guide an adventuresome sea turtle on a quest across the beach and into the water to find friends. They help the plucky sea turtle navigate through the perilous seascape and conquer a variety of challenges, some dangerous and some light-hearted.

Oct 14

Spooktacular Turtle and Fish Costumes

I really like going to SeaWorld and am so excited to go to the Halloween Spooktacular this month. I love making crafts with my mom at home so I made my own Halloween costumes. I had so much fun feeding turtles with Mike at SeaWorld San Diego that I decided to make a sea turtle costume. My favorite book at home is “Rainbow Fish” so I also made a fish costume. I just need to decide which costume to wear to SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular.

May 16

By land, Sea and Air, SeaWorld Helps Save Endangered Species

by Staff

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment is home to nearly 200 endangered, threatened and at-risk animal species. Some of the many examples found at our parks include: lemurs, orangutans, polar bears, sea otters, cheetahs, zebras, gray wolves, black rhinos, macaws and chimpanzees.

Jan 09

Morning Rounds at SeaWorld San Diego

On a day-to-day basis at SeaWorld San Diego, how do you take care of more than 10,000 fish, sharks, sea turtles and marine invertebrates? It starts with a dedicated and experienced team of aquarists. But it also takes daily commitment to the care and welfare of such a diversity of animals.

Dec 31

SeaWorld San Diego: An Update on Bruce the Green Sea Turtle at Turtle Reef

Bruce, a rescued green sea turtle has been under the care of SeaWorld San Diego for the past few months. A celebrity at the Turtle Reef Exhibit, people often ask how well he's doing, as well as what goes into the care of these majestic reptiles that live in the ocean.

Watch the video below to see amazing underwater footage of the aquarium inside the Turtle Reef Exhibit and to see how well Bruce is doing with his fellow sea turtles:

Nov 05

Write the Ray, Be a Star for the Day!

Our SeaWorld Cares team recently made their way to Tustin, Calif. to give an assembly to one of the schools that entered our “Write the Ray” essay contest, which was held spring of 2012. In honor of our 2012 attraction Manta, students in Southern California were challenged to write a conservation essay to cultivate awareness about the diversity of rays, the threats they face in the wild and how we can help protect these amazing animals.

Aug 24

Partners Come Together to Return Sea Turtle to the Wild

by Staff

A threatened Pacific green sea turtle has a second chance at life thanks to the efforts of members of the public, staff at the Oregon Coast Aquarium, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and SeaWorld San Diego—and even the U.S. Navy.

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