Sep 30

Saving "Snorkels"

by Staff

A tip o’ the flipper to ABC hit-com “Modern Family” for bringing attention to the cause of trash-free seas and protecting marine mammals. With their own unique blend of humor and heart, this week’s show saw Mitchell mourning the plight of wild sea lion “Snorkels,” who was injured (and presumed to have passed away) from plastic bag pollution.

Oct 28

SeaWorld Rescue Team Saves the Life of a Sea Lion Impaled by Gaff Pole

On Sunday, Oct. 26, the SeaWorld San Diego Rescue Team came to the aid of a 200-pound California sea lion that was impaled by a 10-foot gaff pole at La Jolla Cove.

The hook on the gaff pole was embedded three inches into the animal’s back. The wound could have ultimately been life threatening.

Apr 04

Camps at SeaWorld Orlando Offer an Unforgettable Experience like No Other

Are you looking for a unique summer camp that will help shape and grow your child’s interests? Then look no further than Day and Resident Camps at SeaWorld Orlando. Our camps offer children an up close and personal experience with amazing animals and encourage a lifelong passion for wildlife and the environment.

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