Apr 02

CUTE ALERT: SeaWorld Orlando Welcomes First Harbor Seal Pup of 2015

On Monday, we welcomed the first Harbor Seal Pup of 2015 to our Pacific Point Preserve family. The pup was born to 41-year-old Harbor Seal Dagwood who is one of our animal ambassadors. Both mom and pup are doing well and are being cared for by our Animal Care team.

May 07

Happy Mother’s Day from SeaWorld Orlando – Sealed with A Kiss

SeaWorld Orlando’s harbor seal pups would like to wish all moms a Happy Mother’s Day. In celebration of Mother’s Day, check out these fun facts about harbor seals, and don’t forget to stop by Pacific Point Preserve during your next visit to spot the cute pups playing with their mothers.

Mar 16

Rescued Guadalupe Fur Seal Returned

After four months of critical veterinary treatment by the SeaWorld San Diego Rescue Team, a well-mended Guadalupe fur seal, named EJ, is back in the ocean with a second chance at life. She was outfitted with a satellite transmitter by Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute scientists who hope to gain crucial data about where the threatened species travels, spends time foraging for food, and ultimately thrives in the ocean.

Jan 29

Sea Lion Pup Rescues Increase Dramatically

In this first month of 2015, the SeaWorld Rescue Team has already seen a dramatic increase in the number of sea lion pups found stranded along California's coastline.

Aug 05

The "Show"down

Clyde and Seamore, the prankster-loving pinnipeds and their trainers, have been spoofing all of the other daytime SeaWorld shows for years in their Summer Nights show, Sea Lions Tonite.

Jun 20

Sea Lion Pups Being Bottle Fed

Two California sea lion pups, estimated to be less than one week old, are being bottled fed every two hours at SeaWorld San Diego. Boy are they cute!

Lifeguards called SeaWorld’s animal rescue team when the two pups were spotted with their umbilical cords still attached in the La Jolla Cove area of San Diego this past weekend. SeaWorld’s animal rescue team spent the day monitoring the pups on the beach before determining that the mother sea lions were not returning to care for the young animals.

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