Aug 06

Heart Rate Study on Killer Whale Will Benefit Whales in the Wild

An important study being conducted on Corky, one of the killer whales here at SeaWorld San Diego, will provide valuable veterinary diagnostic benefits as well as help scientists better understand diving physiology in cetaceans in the wild.

Mar 19

SeaWorld San Diego Welcomes Rescued Pilot Whale

Meet Argo! The 10-year-old male pilot whale is getting acclimated at SeaWorld, after being transported from Japan to the marine-life park for long-term care. SeaWorld animal care specialists and veterinarians are keeping a close watch on the marine mammal, who weighs 1,200 pounds and measures 11 and a half feet long. He is being cared for in a behind-the-scenes pool at Dolphin Stadium. Trainers expect to introduce him to the park’s other pilot whales over the next several days.

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