Feb 27

Mystery Goo Threatens Seabirds

In January 16, 2015, several species of seabirds began washing ashore along San Francisco's coastline. The substance covered the feathers of the birds, destroying their ability to stay warm, float, fly and locate food. Even more mysterious was the lack of this sticky substance on beaches or in the water where the sickly birds were found, creating an even bigger challenge for investigators.

Jan 21

Learning About Penguins at SeaWorld

Every time I go to SeaWorld San Diego I visit the penguins at the Penguin Encounter. It’s fun to watch the penguins waddle, swim and play.

Jan 20

Celebrate Penguin Awareness Day at SeaWorld Orlando

It’s Penguin Awareness Day, and all of our feathered friends at Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin are celebrating. With a colony of more than 250 penguins, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin transports you to the South Pole to get an up-close look at these specialized polar birds. Penguin Awareness Day takes place Jan.

Nov 26

Thanksgiving Came a Little Early for Two Penguin Parents!

Thanksgiving came a little early at the Penguin Encounter! Two of our gentoo penguins are proud parents of, not one, but two penguin chicks! While not a rare occurrence at SeaWorld, in the wild, typically only one chick survives due to food availability. Here at SeaWorld, the penguins have a constant food source and no predators. The aviculturists are also able to monitor the birds, and if any issues arise, they can assist in hand-raising the chicks.

Oct 09

A Flock of Caribbean Flamingo Chicks Hatch at SeaWorld Orlando

by Staff

Our SeaWorld Aviculture Team has their hands full caring for a flock of recently hatched flamingos. Caring for them is a round-the-clock job – some chicks even travel home with aviculturists for close monitoring and routine feedings. To make sure they receive all the nutrients they need to grow into healthy adult flamingos, each chick’s keeper hand feeds them a special formula, called a flamingo smoothie, made of egg yolks, whole eggs, corn oil, vitamin E, calcium carbonate and water. Check it out in the video below:

Sep 23

SeaWorld Orlando Vet Team Works with Animal Eye Clinic to Remove Cataracts from Penguins

by Staff

A total of four SeaWorld Orlando penguins -- one rockhopper and three gentoo - are healing nicely after receiving a specialty surgery on August 28, 2014 to remove cataracts at Animal Eye Associates in Maitland, Fla. The surgery was performed by veterinary ophthalmologist Dr. Heidi Denis, who specializes in animal ophthalmology.

Jul 09

Pengtastic Penguins at SeaWorld San Diego

I like penguins because they waddle and make funny noises. I really like to visit them at SeaWorld San Diego because I get to watch them swim and play with their friends. They are really good swimmers and like to eat fish.

Mar 04

Penguin Chicks Can Now Be Seen at Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin

by Staff

The last couple of months have been very exciting at Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin! Since November 30, there has been a chick “boom” at the all-new attraction, which features a colony of more than 250 penguins from four different species – king, Adelie, gentoo and rockhopper.

Oct 01

SeaWorld Orlando Animals Go Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the color pink, along with the pink ribbon, are the most prominent symbols of breast cancer awareness. To celebrate, here are some animals at SeaWorld Orlando and Discovery Cove that are “wearing” their pink!

Flamingos are an animal that’s always thinking pink! Chilean flamingos are light pink while the Caribbean flamingos have a deep, orangey-pink coloring.

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