Jun 25

My Love for Sea Lions at SeaWorld

I fell in love with sea lions when I saw them for the first time at SeaWorld San Diego. I remember throwing fish to them. They sound so silly when they bark for fish and open their mouths really big.

Sep 20

Olympic Gold Medalist Kyla Ross Visits SeaWorld San Diego

Olympic gold medalist Kyla Ross, a member of the U.S. gymnastics “Fab Five”team, stopped by SeaWorld San Diego recently to say hello to some of our animals in the park. She met Clyde, one of our superstar California sea lions, as well as Argo, the youngest member of our pod of short-finned pilot whales. Kyla was in town for the Tour of Gymnastics Champions show and we are so glad that she came by for a visit and had some fun in the park while she was in San Diego. We wish you all the best, and congratulations again, Kyla!

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