Mar 03

Chat with Chef: Pacific Rim Flavors at Pineapple Pete’s

I think you’d agree that an island-themed restaurant is definitely right at home here at SeaWorld San Diego. In comes Pineapple Pete’s Island Eats and its revamped menu!

“A revamped menu?!? Does this mean that my favorite funnel cakes are gone??? NOOO!!!”

Jun 05

SeaWorld San Diego’s Club Atlantis: Meet Danielle!

SeaWorld’s Club Atlantis presented by Coca-Cola is back and better than ever for its third year! This nightly dance party starts on Saturday, June 15 through Sunday, Aug. 11 from 7 to 10 p.m. There’s SO MUCH to look forward to – dance team performances, Coca-Cola dance-offs, giveaways and plenty of time to just dance! We’re excited to introduce you to another Club Atlantis host. This time, we’re getting to know Danielle. Danielle is the typical girl next door, with dreams of making it big as a pop country singer.

Mar 22

Dive into Crafts: Fingerprint Booklet

Jessica here and it’s that time again. What time, you say? It’s time to get crafty, and this month, it’s getting colorful!

This craft has two parts to it: the book and the story. First I’m going to teach you how to make a booklet with a piece of paper and one cut. Is that even possible? Yes. Yes it is.

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