Jun 05

Why the Oceans Are Important to Me

Oceans are important to me because there are lots of sea animals that live there. I love learning about marine animals and spending time at the beach. I don’t live near the beach so I like to visit SeaWorld to learn about animals in the ocean.

Jan 13

Penguin Picassos: Creating Footprint Art

Our penguin ambassadors are helping to raise awareness for their fellow fine-feathered friends! They're creating one-of-a-kind penguin footprint art collectibles that will be available for auction at our third annual Penguin Awareness Event on Jan. 18.

Jul 15

Dive into Crafts: Your Very Own Chameleon

It’s that time again! Our craft this month is themed after an animal that lives on Madagascar. Why Madagascar, some of you may ask? It’s because of our new live-action show, Madagascar Live! Operation: Vacation. In my previous Madagascar A to Z blog, I mentioned several animals that would've been great candidates for a craft, but we are focusing on the chameleon. There are at least 150 species of chameleons in the world, with around half of those species residing on Madagascar.

Apr 19

Dive into Crafts: Footprint Penguins

Jessica here! Which means it’s that time of month where you dig in your crafts drawer for glue and a pair of scissors. Yep…it’s craft time! And in honor of our second annual Pole to Pole 5K Fun Run coming up this Saturday, April 20, we’re going to make footprint penguins.

This is a simple craft that gives you (and your child) a time to have fun and think about penguins, other polar animals, and what you can do to help make a difference.

Mar 04

SeaWorld San Diego's Penguin Presentation at Penguin Encounter

This May, SeaWorld San Diego will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Penguin Encounter. For three decades, a variety of penguin species have waddled their way into the hearts of our guests (and employees). When seeing these black and white animals up-close, you can’t help but want to learn more about them. The Penguin Presentation is the best way to know more about these flightless birds and get all your penguin questions answered. Watch the clip below as we show you what you can expect from the Penguin Presentation!

Sep 17

SeaWorld Orlando Gives First Behind-the-Scenes Look at Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin

Are you ready for the coolest attraction to ever come to Orlando? Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin opens at SeaWorld Spring 2013. And now, there are plenty of ways to stay connected and follow the freeze. www.SeaWorldOrlando.com/Antarctica is THE place to go to dive deeper into our newest adventure -- watch our feathery friends live on a Penguin Cam, learn what makes Antarctica a land of extremes or sign up to receive exclusive email updates!

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